ACR Accreditation

Healthcare facilities often seek ACR accreditation in many modalities. The process of accreditation can be complicated and time consuming and involves the medical physicist in both testing and quality control. Other areas where the medical physicist can be helpful is in acquiring phantom images for submission to the ACR and developing a quality assurance program.

Our medical physicists meet all the qualifications for ACR accreditation in all modalities and can provide guidance and expertise in ACR application preparation and submission.


Quality Control

Our medical physicists have years of experience in quality control and developing quality assurance programs for our clients.

The Quality Control services at Physics Consultants, Inc include implementing American College of Radiology (ACR) mandated quality assurance programs following specific modality requirements; reviewing existing quality assurance programs and recommending improvements; and designing and implementing quality assurance programs for non-ACR modalities.



Many state regulatory agencies require shielding designs to be submitted for approval prior to x-ray installation. Physics Consultants, Inc regularly performs shielding calculations for any type of x-ray installation.

Download our Shielding Questionnaire and submit the completed form to us with supporting documents and we’ll provide you with a shielding design report based on calculations made in accordance with the recommendations of the National Council on Radiation Protection (NCRP)


Radiation Awareness

Physics Consultants, Inc provides many training programs for diagnostic imaging and nuclear medicine. Our physicists specialize in tailoring these programs to meet your needs.

Our services include developing radiation protection programs to encompass personnel monitoring, annual in-service training, and proper radiation safety procedures.


Materials Licenses

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission requires any facility receiving, acquiring, possessing, or using radioactive materials to obtain a radioactive materials license. This includes industrial use as well as medical use of radioactive material.

Physics Consultants, Inc assists our clients in the most timely manner with all aspects of preparation and submission of radioactive materials license applications, amendments and renewals.