Accreditation and certification organizations such as the Joint Commission and the American College of Radiology require periodic quality control testing on all imaging modalities including computerized tomography.

Physics Consultants, Inc has the right imaging equipment and the necessary experience to perform quality control testing. We provide detailed reports summarizing compliance with recognized standards and highlight corrective actions needed to improve image quality. We can assist with the ACR accreditation process for CT and supply ongoing support for CT quality control programs.



As Qualified Experts inspecting your dental x-ray units, Physics Consultants, Inc provides recommendations for achieving high quality images with low exposure levels and guidelines for compliance with current state regulations in a detailed report.

Our reports are sent to you in a format that makes it easy to forward to the appropriate state agency. And we are always here for telephone follow-up in case you have any questions.


Diagnostic X-ray

Many accrediting organizations require or recommend acceptance testing and periodic inspection of diagnostic x-ray equipment by a Qualified Expert. Physicists at Physics Consultants, Inc are qualified to provide these services for all types of imaging equipment.

Examples of diagnostic equipment include stationary and portable radiography and fluoroscopic units often used in hospitals, chiropractic and podiatry practices.



Industrial facilities with x-ray equipment have periodic testing performed by Qualified Experts to assure their units are making the most accurate measurements possible with the least environmental impact.

As Qualified Experts, Physics Consultants, Inc provides you with a report that includes recommendations for compliance with all state regulations in a format that is easy to forward to the appropriate state agency. Our inspection fee always includes telephone follow-up in case you have any questions.



The Qualified Experts at Physics Consultants, Inc inspect over 65 mammography units annually in the New England Area. Our physicists meet stringent MQSA requirements and are dedicated to staying informed of new regulations and cutting edge technology. Our annual mammography survey report follows the American College of Radiology (ACR) format, facilitating the submission of data for ACR accreditation.

With the extensive experience of the physicists at Physics Consultants, Inc, we help our mammography clients maintain compliance with periodic and repair inspections and assist with technical and regulatory questions. We provide prompt and complete solutions for your immediate and future mammography needs.



Facilities applying for ACR accreditation in MRI must maintain a documented ongoing quality control program to assess relative changes in system performance. Weekly quality control testing should be conducted by a qualified technologist and reviewed on an annual basis by a qualified medical physicist or MR scientist.

The medical physicist is responsible for specific annual quality control tests as indicated in the "ACR MRI Quality Control Manual". The physicists at Physics Consultants, Inc meet the qualifications to oversee any facility's MRI quality control program, and they have specific training and experience in MRI testing.


Nuclear Medicine

Our Quarterly Nuclear Medicine Site Visit Program ensures that facilities comply with state and federal regulations and with commitments contained in the radioactive materials license. The comprehensive Quarterly Nuclear Medicine Site Visit Program includes our physicist preparing or assisting with radioactive license renewals and amendments and responding to questions or correspondence from the State Division of Radiation Control.

During this site visit, conclusions from the performed surveys are reviewed with the nuclear medicine technologist. Our physicist organizes, attends and provides input for the Radiation Safety Committee meetings at the time of his or her visit. A detailed report with findings and recommendations is provided shortly thereafter. Radiation safety review for personnel is provided on a periodic basis as an in-service presentation covering radiation safety, low-level effects of radiation, and radiation exposure during pregnancy.



The American College of Radiology (ACR) has initiated a program for the accreditation of ultrasound testing facilities. This program addresses concerns among imaging specialists regarding the quality of ultrasound imaging. Semiannual testing provides assurance that your images are properly resolved and the image size, depth and definition are correct.

Physics Consultants, Inc develops and directs ongoing quality assurance programs and protocols for ultrasound facilities. We can provide a semiannual quality assurance report for each transducer tested that will serve as a valuable tool for the physician and sonographer.



When our physicists inspect the x-ray unit at your veterinary practice, they provide you with a detailed report that includes recommendations for compliance with all state regulations in a format that makes it easy to forward to the appropriate state agency.

In addition, Physics Consultants, Inc can provide radiation safety training to your staff when you need it. And we are always here for telephone follow up should you have any questions or concerns.